Valley View Casino & Hotel Lobster Buffet Review

Valley View Casino & Hotel repost. We first visited in November of 2011 and I was recently back in touch with them so I thought that I would share this post again with some new updates. If you are in San Diego, California then this is a stop worth making.

Do note then when we first went to Valley View I was following a Vegan diet. I now eat seafood and dairy which makes me want to get back to this buffet even more.

Valley View Casino & Hotel repost:

We were looking forward to eating at the Valley View buffet.

Buffet’s are definitely not what they used to be for me. I always had certain things that I refused to eat. Among these things were pork, beef and most crustaceans.
valley view casino southern italian

Now my restrictions are far greater, which does present a certain difficulty when eating out. Add to this that we are going to a buffet that features Free Endless Maine Lobster and the issue becomes larger.

valley view casino main lobster

In a restaurant, I can simply ask the chef to surprise me with something vegan. At a buffet, I need to be more creative. Some buffets will make special food for a patron with special needs.

However, I do not love to be that person.

I prefer to do the same thing that I do at sit down restaurants.

I call ahead, during a time that I do not think that they will be busy, and I ask questions.

Then I ask what will be available and I ask how some of these things are prepared.

When I arrive, I walk around and look to see what looks interesting.

If I am unsure, I ask a few questions about the preparation.

On this night there were many cooked vegetables that looked quite interesting. Of one in particular, I asked the server if there was any dairy in the dish.

He said no.

I clarified,  No dairy at all? Not even butter?

He responded, Well, no dairy except butter.

I thought that was funny.

It happens often that people forget that butter is dairy. At any rate, when I showed interest in another dish he promptly offered to double check the ingredients. He was quite helpful.

Later in the evening the Buffet Captain came to me and asked, “Are you the Vegan dining with us tonight?”

I was impressed once again.

I had not stated that I was vegan, but rather that I do not eat meat, or dairy.

It is, however, not the fact that he knew this to be vegan that impressed me.

What impressed me was that he wanted to make certain that I had, had enough to eat.

Indeed, I did.

I ate a fabulous salad that I topped with delicious marinated portobello mushrooms, walnuts and raisins.

I also enjoyed guacamole, sweet potato fries, roasted cauliflower and miso tofu soup.

A beautiful assortment of fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries were my wonderful dessert.

We got all this for FREE as we were first time guests at the Valley View Buffet.

Prior to dinner, we enjoyed a free show.

After dinner, my husband played poker with Jason Alexander of Seinfeld Fame.

jason alexander and Henry Ho at Valley View Casino

After our evening of fun, music, dining and gambling  (2,000 of San Diego’s only Certified Loose slots plus table games galore) we came home with $5 more than we arrived with.

I would say that the evening was a success.

Updated 4/4/17 –

  • Buffet photos are courtesy of Valley View.
  • Valley View no longer offers free buffet to first time visitors but does offer special pricing. Check their website for details.


For more information about Valley View Casino & Hotel, call  866-VIEW-WIN (843-9946) or at 760-291-5500.

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