#UWP2017 Conference Schedule

We have so many awesome things planned for you for #UWP2017!

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Comedy Show
  • 4 sessions of expert led round table discussions
  • Expert Panel
  • Lunch Buffet
  • Social time to make REAL connections.


Learn about the topics and meet all of our experts HERE.

Dr. Elise Cohen Ho, Ask Dr. Ho & United We Parent

Parent As A Team

Whether married, divorced or anything in between your child will flourish the most if you are able to work as a team. This talk will delve into communication strategies, handling disagreements and presenting a united front to your children.

Parenting Through Puberty

As your kids get older their bodies change and so do the conversations. Let’s talk about how to talk to your kids about what is going on with them, what to expect and how to handle it. We will also discuss how to impart your wisdom and values on your children.

 Social Media, Blogging and Your Children’s Internet Safety

In this session we will talk about how to protect your children’s privacy, keep them safe and pursue your desire to be a blogger and/or influencer. We will cover the basics of getting started and take a deeper dive dependent on the group’s experience with blogging and/or social media.

Hogan Hilling, United We Parent 

Parenting A Special Needs Child

Parenting a special needs child has a unique set of challenges. Navigating these challenges will be the focus on this important talk from Hogan Hilling, father of three one of whom is an adult child with special needs.

Carlos Aguilar, Big Brown Dad

Three Simple Ways To Support Your Kids’ Big Ideas

Join one of the premiere Latino Dad bloggers as he discusses how parents can support their kids BIG ideas and how social media can help document and amplify your family life. Carlos’ 8 year old daughter recently started The Cozy Collection, an effort to collect socks and blankets for the homeless in the San Gabriel Valley.

**We will have a collection at the United We Parent Conference. Please bring new socks and/or gently used blankets to donate. It is not mandatory but it is nice.**

Edward Gorton, M.A.Ed, One Hand Up

Navigating The School System

How to communicate with your child’s teacher and understanding your children’s rights presented by a Restorative Justice Teacher Advisor in the Los Angeles Unified School District.


Elisabeth Stitt, Joyful Parenting Coaching

Building Your Child’s Self Esteem

Details TBA

The Unique Challenges of Modern Parenting

Details TBA

UWP Conference Expert Frank Prather (1)

Frank Prather, Bad Ass Dad

All In Parenting

The traditional American version of parenting showed us a dad who paid the bills and was otherwise disengaged from his kids. He’d speak to them at breakfast, leave for a long day at work, then return home to either kiss his children on the forehead as they fell asleep or worse, to kick back and read the paper or watch the game. How do today’s dads differ from, or resemble, that stereotype? How do they balance having their own lives/time with being
a parent?

Parent As A Role Model

Most parents want to be a great role model for their children but it’s tougher than you’d think. Many think that not displaying bad habits or “being a good person” is enough, but is it? How do we motivate ourselves to embody the traits and behaviors we want to see in our children?

Stephanie Owen, LMFT, Motivational Parenting

Single Parenting Today 

This talk is focused on resetting parents’ happiness set-point by identifying solutions and options to feeling stuck as a single parent, as well as practical strategies to create happiness and a stronger parent-child bond.


Tiffany Lawrence, Covered Cubs

T.O.U.G.H. Talks

Boldly addressing difficult conversations with people in your child’s life about how you have chosen to raise them.


How to create and enforce boundaries to keep your kids SAFE.