What is United We Parent (UWP)?

I am very excited about United We Parent.

United We Parent is a movement to support, and give the resources to, all parents regardless of gender, sexuality, marital status, how or when you became a parent, ethnicity, age, income, or anything else.

This is very important to me for many reasons but first let me provide some back story.

As a Holistic Relationship & Business Coach with many, many years of experience working with parents and children I see several issues come up time and time again. Some of these issues require professional intervention with someone such as myself. However, some of these situations can be avoided with the help of a caring, open and honest community.

The United We Parent founders (that would be me and my UWP partner, Hogan Hilling) intend to provide that community.

United We Parent is focused on a mission to create an environment in which all parents unite in the desire to be the very best parent that they can be.

We want parents to know that they are supported through all trials and tribulations of being a parent. We want to help parents put into action the knowledge that self care is important.

We invite you to join us in encouraging mothers and fathers to collaborate in harmony to create a happier and healthier parenting community.

United We Parent Goals

1. Help parents with time management skills so they can spend more time with their KIDS!

2. Bring parents together to support each other in the best interest of the KIDS!

3. Celebrate the successes of the parents and the KIDS!

4. Improve quality of life for parents and the KIDS!

5. Leave a better world for the KIDS!

United We Parent Logo

We are just so excited at how beautifully it is coming together.

This will be a great time to connect with other parents during a fun and information filled event.

We are excited to present to you wonderful keynote speakers, expert panels. informative breakout sessions, educational tracks, fabulous opportunities to network with the parenting community, entertainment, and, of course, a wonderful Swag Bag full of kid products, samples, toys and a special gift for you, the awesome parent.

The festivities kick off at 8:30 am. We are dialing in the UWP Conference details and posting them HERE.

Would you like to be a United We Parent sponsor, donate swag, or discuss bringing a UWP conference to your hometown?

Send an email to elise@unitedweparent.com.

By the way, United We Parent is on Facebook and Twitter. I would love to connect with you on either of these platforms. We are also getting going on Instagram. We would love to see photos of your kids, your family, and anything else you would like to share. If you use the hashtag #UWPKids or #UWP4Kids we may regram your photo on the United We Parent (UWP) newsfeed.

Please note that using the hashtag #UWPKids or #UWP4Kids indicates that you have given consent to the photo being shared by United We Parent.

I would love to know in what areas of parenting you feel support is prevalent. In addition, I  would love for you to let me know in what areas you feel it’s lacking. Please share in the comments.  Finally, please suggest topics or other things you would like to learn about or discuss.

All feedback is welcome.

Author: Dr. Elise Cohen Ho
With over 25 years of experience, Elise Cohen Ho, PhD, HHP, NC, MH is an expert in natural health (mental, physical and emotional), support of the family unit and support of the individual. As a Natural Health & Lifestyle Therapist, Amazon International Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker, she wants every person to understand that they bring incredible POWER to the world with their amazing and unique gifts. Elise is available as a freelance writer, public speaker and for private consultation. Please email elise@elisecohenho.com to set up a FREE consultation today.


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