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Dr. Elise Cohen Ho, Ask Dr. Ho & United We Parent

Parent As A Team

Whether married, divorced or anything in between your child will flourish the most if you are able to work as a team. This talk will delve into communication strategies, handling disagreements and presenting a united front to your children.

Parenting Through Puberty

As your kids get older their bodies change and so do the conversations. Let’s talk about how to talk to your kids about what is going on with them, what to expect and how to handle it. We will also discuss how to impart your wisdom and values on your children.

 Social Media, Blogging and Your Children’s Internet Safety

In this session we will talk about setting guidelines for your children’s social media use. Additionally, we will discuss how to protect your children’s privacy and keep them safe while pursuing your desire to be a blogger and/or influencer. We will cover the basics of getting started and take a deeper dive dependent on the group’s experience with blogging and/or social media.

Hogan Hilling, United We Parent 

Parenting A Special Needs Child

Parenting a special needs child has a unique set of challenges. Navigating these challenges will be the focus on this important talk from Hogan Hilling, father of three one of whom is an adult child with special needs.

Carlos Aguilar, Big Brown Dad

Three Simple Ways To Support Your Kids’ Big Ideas

Join one of the premiere Latino Dad bloggers as he discusses how parents can support their kids BIG ideas and how social media can help document and amplify your family life. Carlos’ 8 year old daughter recently started The Cozy Collection, an effort to collect socks and blankets for the homeless in the San Gabriel Valley.

**We will have a collection at the United We Parent Conference. Please bring new socks and/or gently used blankets to donate. It is not mandatory but it is nice.**

Edward Gorton, M.A.Ed, One Hand Up

Navigating the School System: How to ensure your voice is valued

The educational landscape is changing and parental involvement is crucial like never before. Your opinion and subsequent choice of where you want your child to attend are truly valued. This roundtable discussion will focus on the ins and outs of the school system and highlight your parental rights that you may not be aware of or accustomed to expressing. Is my child in the right class? Do they have to take the state assessment? What does the law say about an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.)? What’s a 504? Let your school not just work with you but for you.

Restorative Practices: Creating an open honest relationship with your child

Currently there is a paradigm shift, taking place across the country to infuse more restorative practices into our schools’ positive behavior systems. This roundtable discussion will focus on the overall pillars of restorative practices /community building and why it is crucial to academic success, highlighting what parents can do at home to connect with this philosophy. What is restorative justice, what does that look like at your school and how can I connect these practices with what works at home?


Elisabeth Stitt, Joyful Parenting Coaching

Building Your Child’s Self Esteem

What do we say and do to empower our children in life by building up their self esteem?  What are the steps we can take—both in how we structure our homes and in how we speak to our children daily to raise our children’s confidence in themselves, as well as their motivations?  Brainstorm and practice concrete examples of what to say with kids with interactive exercises drawn from positive psychology and Carol Dweck’s research on developing a growth mindset

The Unique Challenges of Modern Parenting
Do you think parenting today is harder than it used to be?  Having watched parents over a 25+ year career—while at the same time raising a daughter and two stepsons—parent educator and coach, Elisabeth Stitt, does.  And not recognizing how it is harder and addressing those concerns is the #1 Reason parents find themselves yelling and arguing with their kids even when they have told themselves not to over and over.
Join us to discuss
1. The 4 Challenges unique to modern parents—what they are and how we got here.
2.  Two great quick techniques you can use with your kids to meet some of these challenges.
3.  The single most important place to change to make your parenting easier.

Stephanie Owen, LMFT, Motivational Parenting

Single Parenting Today 

This talk is focused on resetting parents’ happiness set-point by identifying solutions and options to feeling stuck as a single parent, as well as practical strategies to create happiness and a stronger parent-child bond.


Tiffany Lawrence, Covered Cubs

T.O.U.G.H. Talks
Admit it. Sometimes it’s hard to say what’s on your mind rather it’s because of fear, intimidation or the moment just being awkward. But we can’t let things slide when it comes to protecting our kids! Come learn how to wade through those murky moments and boldly address what matters to you.
The step by step process on choosing, building, and UNAPOLOGETICALLY ENFORCING boundaries that will keep your kids SAFE.