Speaking & Workshops

Speaking Topics

If you do not see the topic you are looking for contact Dr. Elise Cohen Ho directly at 949-705-8867 or via email at elise@askdrho.com.


  • Raising A Healthy and Happy Family
  • Connecting With & Understanding Your Kids
  • Navigating The School System
  • Parenting As A Team
  • Parenting Through Puberty
  • Talking To Your Kids About Sex


  • Marriage: The Secret to Success
  • Sensuality and Sexuality
  • Talking to Your Lover About Sex
  • How to Speak So You are Listened To & How to Listen So You Hear


  • Asking For Your Worth
  • Stepping Into Your Own Power
  • Your Blogging Questions Answered
  • The Client Connection: Purpose, Stages and Motivational Interviewing