Reflecting on August And Achieving September Goals

While I consider my September goals I must first reflect on August happenings.

Yesterday afternoon I was writing a note to one of my Life/Wellness Coaching Clients and I opened a dialogue focused on September goals.

I always think that the first of a month is another great time to reassess where you are, review any obstacles that have popped up, congratulate yourself on handling those obstacles, brainstorm how to avoid obstacles that were a little harder to traverse and then look at how far you have come thus far in 2017.

It made me think of a post that I wrote in 2014 called The Art of Self Reflection. In this post, I talk about the fact that sometimes you have to look back so that you can look forward and achieve your wildest dreams.

So that got me to thinking a bit more.

Of course, I have my own goals.

I have goals for my personal life, my health, my family, my business, and my clients.

And yes, the last two are different from one another.

Each month I reflect on those goals. I essentially follow the steps that I had laid out for this particular client.

I find that this keeps me very much on track and moving forward.

I also want to connect with you all on a more intimate level. More like they way that I did when I first started this blog with my very first post on August 13, 2011.

I wrote my very first blog post on August 13, 2011.

For all these reasons and much more, I have decided to kick off each new month with a post that wraps up the previous month and provides some context to what is next on the horizon.

I hope that you will enjoy this.

August was a real life changer type of month.

And yup that is a Christmas photo I am sharing but I am about to give you all a kid update and I wanted to share one of my favorite photos of the kids. 🙂

Christmas Day. 2016

Mountain Man Ho (20) is still living and working up in the Sequoia Mountains. We had not seen him since the beginning of June and he is not planning to return until the end of October. He is Certified Lifeguard and Adventure Staff up in the Sequoia’s. His day is filled with hiking, zip lining, canoeing, and also trailblazing and a whole bunch of mountain man type of activities. Fishing has also been part of his Summer adventure.  There has also been some bear chasing but we will not go into that.

I am so excited for the life experiences that he is racking up. I was also super excited when he came home for two nights last weekend. YEAH!!! Mommy is happy.

Young Mr. Science Ho (22, middle of photo) has given me the gift of living at home for a few bonus months after having lived in Santa Barbara for two years. He will be off on his next adventure soon (new university and new things to learn) but in the meantime this summer he has been BUSY. A new restaurant opened in Rancho Santa Margarita called Karmuh Kitchen and he can be seen cooking there almost daily. Well except right now while he and his girlfriend are away on a fabulous road trip. Keep an eye out on the Ask Dr. Ho (i.e. name of this blog) Travel & Adventure section because he will be sharing some of those adventures with all of us.

The Baby (18) went and grew up on us.  I am super happy for her and all she has in front of her. She is off to college (we will be sharing about that in Parenting & Family) and has left behind her high school days which were filled with being President of the Make A Wish Foundation at her school, being on both the Tennis Team and the Track & Field Team, working and tons of fun times. She has adjusted well to college, loves her classes and has already made some great friends. Shoot she even went to her first Frat Party on Move In Weekend. I miss her terribly but not right at the moment because she came home for the weekend. 🙂

The hubby and I are doing well. We have a very different life that we need to adjust to. It is an interesting transition.

In other news, we are still deep into home remodeling. One of my September goals is to change that.

In other news, we are still deep into home remodeling.

There will be a blog post series all about the troubles, things we learned and before and after pictures in the House & Home Section of the blog. I have not started that yet as we have yet to reach after even though this began in November of 2016.

September goals should include finishing house remodeling but it is really not in my control…lol

About Dr. Ho….

In everything I shared so far you can certainly see where my head has been and that I have been distracted by emotions and helping the baby get ready to move away to college. These are a few of the other things that I have had going on.

  1. ConnectHer Media Conference. Totally fun event for invited media influencers. I had a great time and got a great new bestie out of the experience. She calls herself a “Crazy German” and we have lots of fun adventures planned plus some great business things too. Of course, I will share about that in Business Tips & Tools. You can learn more about her at Ask Yvi.
  2. I forgot to wish my brother-in-law a happy birthday even though he never misses mine. I am sorry, Jason. Happy Belated Birthday.
  3. I added another regular writing gig to my schedule. As it goes live, I will share more.
  4. I am now doing some consulting work for a health agency.
  5. United We Parent First Annual Conference. This is my newest baby. Our first conference was an intimate and powerful day. I am thrilled with where we are going with this.
  6. Our newest series of Iridology classes were kicked off. I teach these virtual classes with Dr. Mercedes Colburn.  I find it amazing what can be seen in the iris of the eye. I love sharing this knowledge with others.

As I reflect on all of this, I can see that I had many successes but also some failures. There is the obvious one of missing a loved one’s special day but there are also some other ones. With all of this in mind, I can now make a September plan. my Top Ten To Accomplish for the month of

My Top Ten To Accomplish for the month of September.

In other words, these are my September goals.

*I call my list “To Accomplish” instead of “To Do” because it has a much more positive spin. I do like positivity. 🙂

FYI, the list is in no particular order.

  1. Figure out plans for my babies to come home for Thanksgiving.
  2. Make sure that Young Mr. Science Ho is ready for the move.
  3. Share all the things with all of you that I promised in this post. Writing things out really does help to move things forward.
  4. Make sure that I have calendar alerts set up for important occasions and actually reach out to the person when they are on my mind.
  5. Reach out to all of the people who have been supporting and showing interest in United We Parent, plan the second annual event and work on the other plans that are in motion.
  6. Streamline the busy work in my business through tool exploration and implementation.
  7. Finish writing my new FREE newsletter bonus gifts.
  8. Finish website updates already in motion.
  9. Update the September Editorial Calendar.
  10. Make time for self-care.

So that is everything for now. I would love to know what your August was like and what the September goals are that you are working on.

Please leave comments below and if you have any questions please do ask.



Author: Dr. Elise Cohen Ho
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