Inspiration for 10 Easy And Healthy Office Lunches

Are you low on inspiration for office lunch ideas?

Do you feel as if you are eating the same thing day in and day out?

Or maybe making choices that do not support your health goals simply because you feel you have no other options?

Help is here.

This list holds 10 of my go to office lunch ideas that are also great for school lunches and even at home lunches.

The focus is on food that is easy to pack, will give you energy and keep you satisfied. There are ideas that will please a young child,  a teenaged girl, an athletic teen and you!

Read on for ten options that focus on complete portability and ease to get your started.

When you are ready for more visit my Lunchbox ideas and Office Lunch Recipes board on Pinterest. While you are there you may also want to explore Salads and Salad Dressing and any one of the thousands of pins that we have pinned for you. 

In the meantime let’s get that office lunch planned…


  1. Homemade Yogurt Parfait. Pick this up at the store or the coffee shop and you are sure to get plenty of sugar in what seems like a great meal on the go. Make it at home and you are rocking and rolling.  Look towards plain yogurt that you can sweeten with honey, if needed, as flavored yogurts tend to be very high in sugar content. Add a layer of frozen berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Pack it up and you are on the way. By the time lunch rolls around the fruit will be defrosted and have created a healthy and delicious syrup. If desired, top with granola. Be cautious with the granola, though, as that too can pack a great deal of sugar.
  2. Sweet, delicious and full of benefits.Hummus And Vegetable Crudite.  Pack up a serving or two of your favorite hummus along with celery sticks and carrot sticks. Get more creative and include cucumber, jicama, radishes or any other vegetables.  Cut up fruit, such as apples, would also be a great addition.Pack up a serving or two of your favorite hummus along with celery sticks and carrot sticks. Get more creative and include cucumber, jicama, radishes or any other vegetables. Cut up fruit, such as apples, would also be a great addition.
  3. Tortilla Roll Up. On top of a tortilla layer sliced meat, romaine leaves of lettuce and a pickle for the middle. Roll it up and you have created a great on the go meal. Sliced meat from home is best but if you want to buy deli meat do look for the most wholesome version that you can find. Learn more here.
  4. Vegetable Sandwich. Whole grain bread layered with grilled eggplant, sprouts, tomato, red pepper and onion. If a sandwich spread is needed then look towards mustard or avocado.
  5. Peanut Butter and Fruit Sandwich. This tried and true staple has a great deal going for it but some changes make it a truly great option. Look towards a high quality nut butter, that has no added sugars, on whole grain bread. For an even healthier alternative consider almond butter, cashew butter or even tahini (sesame seed butter). Do keep in mind that two tablespoons of PB is a serving which is considerably less that the average American is using to spread on their bread. Instead of jelly use slices of whole fruit such as bananas or strawberries.peanut butter and banana
  6. Mason Jar Salads. So as to insure that your salad is delicious when it is time to eat it is important to layer in a specific order.  Place the dressing on the bottom, add vegetables  (but save the lettuce for later) and firm fruits such as pears or apples, add protein such as tofu, eggs, chicken, tuna or beans. Follow this with all of your greens (really stuff it in there) and top with sprouts, seeds or fresh berries. When it is time to eat just shake it up and enjoy.So as to insure that your salad is delicious when it is time to eat it is important to layer in a specific order.
  7. Planned Leftovers. Last nights dinner often makes a perfect office lunch. This one is easy and takes advantage of the work that you have already done. You can even consider doubling your dinner recipe to insure that you have leftovers.
  8. It’s A Wrap.  Make a great Mediterranean wrap by layering a Spinach or  100% whole wheat tortillas with hummus or Baba Ganoush, feta cheese, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, pepperoncini, and yellow mustard. Avoid the tomato as it will turn your wrap into mush. Raw Vegan Tabbouleh Wraps are another wonderful option.
  9. A Munch of Lunch.  A lunch of finger foods can be fun and easy. Think in terms of fresh fruit, grilled chicken strips, vegetables and a bit of dip and other deliciousness. This type of lunch lends itself especially well to a Bento Box.
  10. A Pinned Lunch. Follow one of the hundreds of great lunch ideas that I pinned for you on Pinterest. I have included salads, sandwiches, Bento Boxes and even freeze ahead lunch ideas.

I would love to learn what your go to choices are for a great lunch. Please let me know in the comments and if you have a great recipe to share please drop a link.


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Author: Dr. Elise Cohen Ho
With over 25 years of experience, Elise Cohen Ho, PhD, HHP, NC, MH is an expert in natural health (mental, physical and emotional), support of the family unit and support of the individual. As a Natural Health & Lifestyle Therapist, Amazon International Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker, she wants every person to understand that they bring incredible POWER to the world with their amazing and unique gifts. Elise is available as a freelance writer, public speaker and for private consultation. Please email to set up a FREE consultation today.


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