Call to Action, Marketing & Building Your Business

Proper and clear marketing is the key to building your business.

The first step to marketing is understanding the types of Calls To Action.

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  • Email CTAs – Keep in mind you want to have one email for each topic or subject (or problem) and then one CTA. Place it in the email in more than one spot such as immediately at the top and then at the end.
  • Website Content CTAs – On your website pages, there are many opportunities for CTAs. Every page should have at least one prominently-placed CTA so that your audience knows what to do. Try to make it easy for them. You can use “heat map” technology to learn the best placement for your CTAs.
  • Blog Post CTAs – When you write a blog post, the post should have a purpose, seek to inform, engage, and inspire action. There are many places you can put CTAs in a blog post. This includes contextual links.
  • Video CTAs – If you have video content, you should ensure that you’ve stated the CTA in the video, in the description of the video or in both. Just like a blog post, a video should be tied to what you want them to do next. You can even add words with clickable links right to the video itself.
  • Report CTAs – You can include CTAs throughout a report, whitepaper, or eBook. In a long report, you can include more than one CTA’s. Another idea is to include one CTA placed in several spots. The important thing is to be clear about the action you hope to invoke.


Sales Copy and your Call To Action go hand in hand.

Anytime you create any type of content, you should consider how to add a CTA.

Make your call to action obvious so that people know exactly what you want them to do.

It is also important to give your reader the opportunity to buy right in the beginning.

An interested party can get frustrated if they have to read through too much information when they are already ready to purchase a product or service.

It should be simple to figure out what to do because you have a reason for creating that content. You want it to lead someplace, and the CTA helps guide your reader there. You want to focus on the benefits that your audience will receive from your content.

Answer “what’s in it for me?,” and you’re sure to get more click-throughs to all your CTAs.

A visually appealing page is very important.



It is imperative to use eye-catching colors and fonts on your website. However, it is equally important not to overdo it. Create visual balance.

Be sure your website is responsive and can work across platforms. If you need help I can offer referrals.

If you really want your viewers to act, use action-oriented words.

Statements such as “Sign Up” and “Register Now” are great, but you can be more descriptive by using words like “Start Your 7 Day Trial Now.” There is no rule about how long the text can be on your sign-up box. If you need more room then a redesign is in order.


Tell your audience what benefit they will receive for following your call to action. 

The clearer you are about the benefits they’ll receive, the better your conversion rate will be.


Call To Action is such an important topic. For this reason, we will continue to explore this topic over several additional posts.

These include:

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Author: Dr. Elise Cohen Ho
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