The Challenge of Raising Little Bosses

Paula Creed-Smith joins us today to talk about her responsibilities towards her 2 daughters and how to raise successful Little Bosses.

paula Creed Smith shares her tips on raising little bosses.Raising Little Bosses

by Paula Creed-Smith

Being a business owner permeates just about every area of my life. It’s almost nefarious how slowly everything seems to morph into a business-related conversation or transaction.

That being said, my first and greatest responsibility is to my children.

My children are by far, the most precious surprise gifts I have ever received and they are my utmost highest achievement.

I look at my sweet girls and I am totally overcome by how absolutely exquisite they are.

They are smart… I mean truly brilliant. They are funny. They are sensitive and more than anything, they embody the best of both my husband and myself.

My childhood was humble in the beginning, then entered a darker place I won’t venture into here, but that part of my life weighs heavily on how I parent. I want a better childhood for my children and I want to be a better mom than I had.

(DISCLAIMER- my mother was actually a great mom plagued by misfortune and depression and we are very close now).

I feel that my girls have a bit of a mountain to climb in life. For one, they are girls and, let’s face it, gender bias and the glass ceiling are very real. Secondly, my girls are multi-cultural. I am of Caribbean descent and my husband is of Italian descent.

My priority is to raise strong, smart, educated, centered women who are unmoved and undeterred by outside interference.

My deepest heart’s desire is to ensure that my little lady bosses can look in a mirror someday and know who they are, where they came from, where they are going and that they can do absolutely anything. This, my friends, is where we start to go deep.

I once read somewhere that your voice of discipline becomes your child’s inner voice. That really resonated with me. I mean, obviously in raising children, the way you interact with them stays with them and shapes them, but I guess reading it and seeing the words just clicked for me. When I correct my children, I call them “ma’am.” You may be asking, “why on earth would you address your children that way at that particular time?”

Honestly, I want to show my children what respect looks like.

In a clear stern voice, I give my directive or whatever correction, but I always say ma’am.

I am teaching my girls that even if they are wrong, they still need to be addressed in a respectful manner.

Also, they learn to replicate this behavior if they are correct. They are learning how to voice satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, in an appropriate way that creates a mutual respect between opposing parties.

This skill can be the difference between a thriving business or losing opportunities for business.

To touch more on the effects of our voice becoming what they hear, I really make a calculated effort to give my girls actually encouragement. Sure, my girls are just about the most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on, but I want them to know they are smart. I want them to know they are strong. I want them to know their lives have meaning. These are things that I tell them more than the typical fluffy “you’re so pretty”, “you have beautiful eyes”, etc.

I am nurturing substance and I am nurturing their self-esteem.

This requires being intentional and seeking out their leadership qualities and the sharpness of their minds. I am always surprised by what I learn from my children when I make a point to watch them. It’s odd though, sometimes I find that I can specifically name things they inherit from me and in turn, I encourage myself. When I am having a bad day and I see my daughters persist in an area of difficulty, I applaud them. As I tell how strong and persistent they are, I remind myself that is what I need to do.

Business is hard. Parenting is hard.

Doing both…kinda impossible. More than anything, I want to raise healthy, happy kids who become successful adults. I want them as my business partners and train them in the art of lady hustles.

Bottom line, cultivating respect and self-esteem are paramount to raising bosses.

This brings us to my challenge:

4 times a day for one week, be intentional about naming qualities in your children.

They’ll notice and before long, so will you.

Ask Dr. Ho for her thoughts:

I really love this post from Paula. She brings her parenting experience together with her life experiences, including running a successful business, to work to create the life she dreams of for herself, her husband her two daughters.

And about that business, you should check it out. It is called Ceh~Flora Gift Co. and is a Florida based gift box company that offers both pre-curated and custom curated gift boxes.  Hit Paula up on all social media (@CehFloraGiftCo) to learn more.

And about that business, you should check it out. It is called Ceh~Flora Gift Co. and is a Florida based gift box company that offers both pre-curated and custom curated gift boxes.  Hit Paula up on all social media (@CehFloraGiftCo) to learn more.

Now, please do share what tips you have for raising little bosses, what you learned from this post and/or anything else pertinent in the comments below.

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