What To Do When You Lack Motivation?

What To Do When You Lack Motivation?

The question about what to do when you lack motivation is answered by guest blogger, Beth Dyer who is a mom of 3, modern day hippy and avid Yogi. Beth started doing yoga while living in Hawaii, with just the intention of getting flexible and doing cool poses. After having 3 kids in 4 years and dealing with postpartum depression, it has become a lifestyle for her and one of  her favorite stress relievers. Now she joins us to share her insight on an interesting question.

Beth Dyer, The Mama Bear YoginiHow do you Find Your Motivation When You Feel Like You Just Can’t Anymore?

By Beth Dyer

I recently heard from someone who said she needed ideas to help others cope with self doubt and get motivated when they felt like they just didn’t have it in them. This is something I feel like people struggle with everyday. We are asked to give so much of ourselves, all the time!! So how do you push on when you feel like you are just depleted of energy, confidence, and motivation? Every one of us is different.

We all find motivation and inspiration from different sources.

The goal is to figure out what is best for you, and run with it.

Motivation to push on can sometimes be easy to find when you look at the bigger picture. It’s not always easy to have motivation, but when what you are working for or towards has a bigger picture, something much bigger and more important than the task you are struggling with, use that bigger picture to push you through. If the bigger picture isn’t all that important or is hard to find and use for motivation, maybe you need to rethink it. Don’t put energy into something that isn’t worth it. It is always ok to say no if you need to.

When you get tired learn to rest, but not quit. Take a break, drink some tea or coffee, and just breathe. Try to meditate on it for a minute. Close your eyes and look inside yourself. It’s important to figure out where these feeling are coming from so you can meet them head on and put them to rest! You have it in you to do anything you set your mind to, it’s just remembering that life is an always moving journey and sometimes we need to rest to be able to keep moving forward.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “You must do the things you think you cannot do.”

Here are a few of my very favorite ways to battle self doubt and give myself the motivation to keep on going when I lack motivation.

  • Mantras, Mantras, Mantras– ok so if you have never been over to my site and read anything I’ve ever written, then go do it now! Kidding… kind of. Maybe do it once you are done with this.  Anyways, I write about mantras, or positive affirmations, all the time! I love mantras. They are part of my everyday life. I constantly struggle with self-doubt. So what do I do, I immediately turn to mantras!
    • I am enough. I have enough in me to do this!
    • God is with me. He would never let me get into something I couldn’t handle.
    • Even if others don’t believe in me, I believe in myself.

When you lack motivation, pick a mantra and say it until you believe it to be a fact!

Furthermore, there is no truer way to tear ourselves down.

Which one are you going to put your energy into?

  • Get physical– Doing yoga when I lack motivation is always a sure way to get the fire inside me burning, get my creativity flowing, and give me extra motivation to be productive and successful. Maybe you prefer to go for a run, or go hit a punching bag, just do something. If you ever need help with some motivating and invigorating yoga flows to get the inner fire burning, feel free to email I would love to help!!
  • Hit the books– Part of the whole resting, but not quitting can be journaling. Or even reading a favorite book. Maybe you find your motivation and inspiration from the Bible- my favorite place, or maybe you break out your favorite notebook and do some artistic journaling. This is a great way to take a break, without just sitting around thinking about the fact that you lack motivation and what you should be doing, but aren’t.
  • Shower– Seriously, this works so bare with me (see what I did there)… Hop in the shower. Feel the warm water washing away your negativity and doubts, your anxiety and frustrations. Imagine it is all flowing from you and down the drain. Imagine that with each moment the negativity is being washed off. You are now a lighter, more positive person. Step out of the shower cleansed and with a new perspective of yourself.

Ok, this one is going to be super silly, but again these are some of what works for me.

  • Get made up– Literally one of my favorite ways to pick myself up out of a hole of self doubt is to put on bright red lipstick! I know, I said it would sound silly but it totally works for me! Just do something that always makes you feel good about yourself. Do your hair, spritz on some cologne or perfume, whatever! There is no right or wrong, just as long as it is making you feel better and helping you realize your self worth. Because you are enough and you can do it!

I hope I have given you some tools to use when your motivation is lacking. Again, each of us is different and struggles in our own way. That also means we need to find ways to cope and find motivation that works for us. What works for me, or you spouse, or BFF may not work for you. Use their tools as a jumping off point to figure out what it is you need.

Focus on what you are doing, stay present and do not worry about the future.

Don’t worry about what others say or think. Do not look to them for validation. The only person who you need validation from is yourself. So put on your red lipstick (or whatever) look yourself in the eye and tell yourself that YOU CAN DO IT!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. In the yogi world we say “Namaste”, which means my soul honors your soul. The light and love and happiness in me honors the light and love and happiness that is also in you. In this world, and on this journey, we are one. This is how I always end my posts. I want anyone who reads what I have to say to understand I come from a place of friendship, a place of wanting to help.

Namaste my friends!

Elise’s Turn:

And so we loop back to the original question, How do you Find Your Motivation When You Feel Like You Just Can’t Anymore? Please share in the comments below.

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