Is Inspiration And Motivation Really That Different?

Merriam-Webster defines inspiration as “something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create.” Motivation on the other hand is defined as “the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something.”

So inspiration to motivation is really the same as passion to logic.?.

Is the difference really that simple?

How will you know which one you are feeling?

Does it matter which one, as long as you are completing the task at hand?

Yes it does.

Motivation provides you with the cognitive recognition to move forward in a project as in “I am motivated to get this task completed.”

Motivation provides the reason but inspiration is what makes you want to do it. Inspiration is something from deep within, it is something of a heart song. It is a feeling that cannot be resisted. Inspiration energizes you. It provokes greatness. It pushes you forward against all odds. Inspiration pushes you to achieve more, do more and be more.

Inspiration is your partner, your lover and your best friend. It is there for you when motivation has run out. No doubt, you are ready to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary when you are inspired.

Inspiration will make you achieve all things, be all things and do all things.

It absolutely matters if you are feeling inspiration versus motivation. When we feel inspired we do not even need motivation because our heart is bringing us in the right direction regardless of the logical point of view. We intuitively know when something is right, when something will fulfill us and when something will bring us to places that we never thought possible.

Motivation will actually tell us that we will get the task at hand completed. Presumably this is only true as long as the motivation does not run out.

You will need motivation and inspiration in your corner to be truly blessed.

Just as your mind has been motivated to achieve, your inspiration will find you.

Inspiration can be found anywhere.

Inspiration may be found in your dreams. It may be found in your conscious or subconscious. It may be found as you are hiking in the wilderness or while you are commuting on a busy train. You may find it in meditation, in church or in quiet reflection. You may find it in conversation with a loved one or perhaps, even, a stranger.

There are no rules to where and when inspiration may hit.

It is a very personal thing and can, in fact, be completely unpredictable.

Learn to tell the difference between inspiration verse motivation and you will then become a happier more productive person.

Open yourself to the universe and see what happens. Allow the sun to shine on you, and in you. Be open to life’s possibilities. Give your mind permission to accept what your heart is telling you to be true.

In this you will find inspiration.

I cannot tell you where, or when, you will find it. But inspiration is there and it will find you, if you let it.

What do you consider to be the difference between inspiration and motivation? What inspires you? How did inspiration find you? What are you doing with that inspiration? Perhaps I have inspired you to share….

Author: Dr. Elise Cohen Ho
With over 25 years of experience, Elise Cohen Ho, PhD, HHP, NC, MH is an expert in natural health (mental, physical and emotional), support of the family unit and support of the individual. As a Natural Health & Lifestyle Therapist, Amazon International Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker, she wants every person to understand that they bring incredible POWER to the world with their amazing and unique gifts. Elise is available as a freelance writer, public speaker and for private consultation. Please email to set up a FREE consultation today.


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