Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser To Fight Trafficking

The Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser is this Saturday!

Saturday, July 29, 2017
7:00pm – 9:30pm
CTRL Collective
Downtown Los Angeles
833 S Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90014

Get Your Fair Trade Fashion Show Tickets Here!

All ticket sales go directly to benefit Free the Slaves in their mission to fight trafficking.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post! This is a fun event with a great message and this is one of the ways that I can support it. 

Sometimes it is just about doing what is right.

The Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser is hosted by Bead and Reel and the amazing founder of Bead and Reel, Sica Schmitz.

Sica has a vision of bringing Fair Trade Fashion to the forefront of the entire fashion industry. She intends to dispel the myth that fair trade is synonymous with burlap sack dresses and high price tags. These clothes can, in fact, be very affordable and very beautiful. One of my favorites from Bead and Reel is the beautiful Daksha Tunic. The tunic is very reasonably priced at just $55.

Fair Trade, Vegan Daksha Tunic from Bead and Reel


The Fair Trade Fashion Show is focused on using fashion as a platform for education and awareness. It is further proof that we can use our dollars to support what is right. We can use those same dollars to end that which is wrong. In this case, slavery.

It may seem odd that I am using the word “slavery” in this “modern age” but it is important to realize that slavery is still very much a part of our world.

We can change this. This event is a great place to get involved and add to a movement to make this change.

There are even awesome swag bags.


Get Your Fair Trade Fashion Show Tickets Here!

If you cannot make the event but still want to support the movement, donations are graciously accepted.  There is also this super cute fundraiser tee from Beda and Reel.



100% of the proceeds from The Fair Trade Fashion Show go to Free The Slaves.

Free The Slaves is an organization focused on allowing survivors of trafficking to rebuild their lives.

Free The Slaves has brought a new awareness to the fact that slavery still exists. Grassroot efforts, media awareness and support of communities through education and vocational training is the focus of Free The Slaves.

Get Your Fair Trade Fashion Show Tickets Today!


100% of the proceeds from The Fair Trade Fashion Show go to Free The Slaves.


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