The Great Cupcake RoundUp

disclaimerCupcake yumminess is on it’s way!

Like most people I do love a good cupcake but if I eat one that is decadent I want it to be really, really worth it. And, of course, if I eat a cupcake that is healthier I still want it to taste great. So here you go, some of the awesome looking cupcake recipes that fall into one category or the other.

This recipe from Recipe This fascinates me as it is made in an AirFryer. I have strongly considered getting an airfryer but have not made the plunge. Does anyone have any experience with one that they care to share? If so please leave a comment below. Thanks.

Okay, on to the Airfryer Strawberry Cupcakes With Creamy Strawberry Frosting because it sure does look delicious.

Plus I love the extra touch of the little hearts.


Recipe This also offers a flourless confection with Air Fryer Flourless Key Lime Cupcakes which looks fab.

I love the decorative flair.


Who says gluten free has to be boring? Certainly not Fearless Dining.

Check out these Gluten Free Lemon Cupcakes.

gluten free lemon cupcake


Ooh La La. Around My Family Table combines booze and cupcakes.

Fun Stuff ahead with this Tequila Sunrise Cupcake!

Ooh La La. Around My Family Table combines booze and cupcakes. Fun Stuff ahead with this Tequila Sunrise Cupcake!


For my vegan friends I hopped on over to Strength & Sunshine for Rebecca’s Gluten Free, Vegan Cream Stuffed Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes.

Rebecca's Gluten Free, Vegan Cream Stuffed Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes.


For all you momma’s and poppa’s whose kid forgot to tell them about the bake sale tomorrow this Banana Nut Fudge Brownie Cupcake recipe from Manic Mama of 3 is for you.

It is super easy as it starts with boxed brownie mix for which I highly recommend Pillsbury Purely Simple.  This mix is the baby in the Pillsbury family. It promises no color, preservatives or artificial flavors. It tastes the same as the other stuff and is definitely a better option if you are going with a brownie mix. They also have several cake mixes and frosting too.

this Banana Nut Fudge Brownie Cupcake recipe

Which one sounds the best to you? Comment below.

Please also share your favorite baking tips and if you have a cupcake recipe that you would like to share then add it to the link up.

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