5 of the Best Brunch Recipes

Christmas Brunch is such a special time and traditional part of Christmas Day.


With these awesome Christmas Brunch recipes figuring out what to serve can be one item to cross off your list.

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Bless This Mess honors us with Broiled Grapefruit. This is a super simple way to make your grapefruit extra juicy and delicious. For those that want to watch their glycemic index you can substitute coconut sugar for the brown sugar, or skip the sugar altogether.




This Low-Carb Cheesy Crustless Quiche Lorraine from Kalyns Kitchen is good for your guests who eat low-carb or gluten free. It does include bacon. For those that do not eat bacon you can just skip it. Another idea, and a great way to add vege to your diet, is to sub in a vegetable such as red peppers.


This Low-Carb Cheesy Crustless Quiche Lorraine from Kalyns Kitchen is a great gluten free addition to our Christmas Brunch


The Mr. is a huge fan of Apple Turnovers so I had to search for a good one. These 4-Ingredient Easy Apple Turnovers from Amy & Jacky at Pressure Cooker Recipes is sure to please. I love that they are just four ingredients, and you could make them with just three if you chose to.


Apple Turnovers from Amy & Jacky at Pressure Cooker Recipes is sure to please.


For our Gingerbread fans we add Gingerbread Muffins to Christmas brunch. These have a healthy twist brought to us by To Simply Inspire. They truly are inspired. I am a big fan because I  love finding ways to swap out extra fat and calories for healthier ingredients.

Our Christmas Brunch recipes include these Gingerbread Muffins that have a healthy twist brought to us by To Simply Inspire


A yogurt parfait topped with Breakfast Cranberry Granola from Dining with Alice would be an excellent addition to the Christmas brunch feast. As well, if you are going lighter, it would make a great breakfast all on it’s own.

Breakfast Cranberry Granola from Dining with Alice


Decide what you want to serve for Christmas brunch now, make your grocery list and watch the stress disappear.

Shop for your groceries on December 23rd (grocery store will be super crowded on December 24th) and you will be all set and feeling great.

Happy Holidays!

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