Relax With This Ultralight Camping Hammock

The ultralight camping hammock has got me hooked.

And, yes, that is the MR. 🙂

ultralight camping hammock product review

I am beyond happy with this super light and compact camping hammock from Rallt.  As a family we always loved camping. The issue that came to get in our way was that we we had so much stuff. It was all heavy and difficult to carry. Well this will not be a problem here.

The hammock weighs just 12 ounces but holds up to 400 pounds. I love that it comes in a great little carry case for extra ease.

rallt Ultralight Camping Hammock


I suggest that before  your first use of the camping hammock you familiarize yourself with how to use it.  It will be of great help to you if you take out the ropes that come with the hammock and get all your knots tied.

Once you have that handled it is easy sailing.

When I first got started I did not actually know what the purpose of a camping hammock is.

My initial thought was that this was simply for the folks who tie a hammock and hang out in the palm trees by the beach.  I was very wrong!

A camping hammock is very appealing to folks who like to backpack because it is compact and they do not have to fuss with a tent.

I am not that person but I could totally see one, or both, of my son’s being completely aligned with that idea.

A camping hammock  is also appealing to people who do not want to sleep on the ground. The idea of  being more comfortable is appealing to all. Plus the chill of the ground will not come up through the hammock.

You can stay completely dry if you pitch a tarp over you. For bug protection you can use a net.

Another idea is to be like my adorable hubby and hang out in the backyard simply because it is comfortable.


 ultralight camping hammock product review

Purchase the Ultralight Camping Hammock by clicking here.

Do you enjoy camping? Have you ever tried a camping hammock?

Orig. pub. date 12/6/15

Author: Dr. Elise Cohen Ho
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