Beach Day For My Family

What shall we do today? We have no particular plans? Hmmm, it is a beautiful day in Southern California.

I do think the answer is obvious as does the hubby who suggests a beach day.

We are so excited to be headed down to Laguna Beach. On today’s agenda is Main Beach. One of the things that the kids enjoy doing here is climbing the tide pools and seeing what kind of sea creatures they might discover.

Beach Tide Pools
By jcookfisher [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
We pack up the car.

I remember the days when it was so much harder to  get to the beach for a fun day of relaxation. It was hardly relaxing.

On those days we packed up so much stuff that we looked like we were headed out for a week instead of a day.

beach buggy

There were swimsuits, extra clothes, diapers, and swimmies. Then there were blankets, towels, chairs and umbrellas. Next were shovels, pails and toys. Finally, bottles, food, drinks,  and magazines. I never brought a book as there simply was not time to read.

Now, we paint a different picture. The kids are all bigger, they carry their own stuff and they carry much of mine too.

We have a couple of towels, a few chairs, some snacks and beverages. Add to that a book, a frisbee and a shovel to dig a hole. A hole that is so deep that someone may get lost in there, and we are good to go.beach hole

It is completely different and just as completely wonderful as that first time we headed out as a family of three, then four and finally a complete family topping out at five.

Crescent Beach is a newer favorite of ours.

We would not have chosen this beach when the kids were younger as it is down at the bottom of a hill. Since what comes up must come down it stands to reason that what comes down must go up. We just never wanted to drag three kids  up the hill. Now that they are older, it is so easy. Plus this beach is never too crowded.

Crescent Beach

There is nothing quite like the relaxation of a day at the beach.

Do you enjoy the beach as much as we do?


P.S. The feature photo is Redondo Beach.

Author: Dr. Elise Cohen Ho
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