Can An Adjustable Bed Really Help With Arthritis?

An Adjustable bed is designed to provide support to joints and pressure points.

Arthritis is a medical condition characterized by inflammation of joints.

One of the effective ways of alleviating arthritis pain is to use an adjustable bed.

Let’s review the top 5 promises made by manufacturers of adjustable beds.

1. Relieves Pressure Points

The human body has several pressure points. Examples of such areas are the lower back, hip, and knees. Arthritis sufferers commonly complain of pain in these areas.

Adjustable beds are designed to relieve pressure points by cushioning the body from below.

The Healthy Heart Lifestyle: Avoid Heart Disease2. Improved Blood Circulation

A healthy heart calls for following A Heart-Healthy Lifestyle. However, we often ignore the importance of sleeping correctly.

Ideally, it is recommended that the feet are elevated at 8-12 inches above the heart. This position helps to prevent blood accumulation in lower parts of the body. In turn, this helps to minimize joint pain and swelling.

3. Heal Sore Muscles

Improved blood circulation and evenly distributed weight contribute towards healing sore muscles.  Additionally, many adjustable beds come with massage features that can further help.

4. Adjusts According to Your Body

The best feature is the ability to contour according to your specific body shape. Of further help is a quality foam-based mattress.

5. Evenly Distributes Body Weight

The chance of pressure point pain becomes minimized once the body weight is distributed evenly. Sleeping on a flat mattress leaves gaps between your body and the mattress. Adjustable beds aim to fill these gaps.

When we look at adjustable beds we must compare carefully. There are many different manufacturers that you should research.  The ultimate focus is your comfort.

Now it is your turn:

Does this make you interested in buying an adjustable bed? Do you already have one?

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